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Excavating & Laying the foundation

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008


So, even more exciting than STAKES is FOOTERS & foundation! By the way, why do they have to call it EXCAVATING? Just to make it sound special I guess. It really just means building out that big hole in the ground where your house is gonna go ;)

Seriously, who knew that having footers was going to be THIS exciting!

We officially have a driveway layed out… here is our driveway so far! (Remember you can click on these to make them bigger)! p1000050.JPG

Here I am standing on the edge of our “Driveway” and you can see the hole in the ground from a distance. I know, VERY exciting ;)

Driveway with distant hole in ground

There’s a man in the ground, working on our foundation….

Man in the ground

And finally, our foundation FOOTERS!

Foundation, Finally