Things I wish had been different

Wanted to jot down this info to save for the post-build survey.

1. The chance to upgrade to a safety window in the morning room.
2. The opportunity to get shutoff valves at the sinks in the upstairs bathroom. If a problem occurs, I have to run to the basement to shut those valves off. Water pumps out of those tubes @ 5/gal per minute.
3. The exhaust valves that are coming out of the basement are too close to the sliding door (altho they may yet fix this, I’m not keeping my hopes high). This will have to be dealt with when it’s time to install the deck. Not at all happy with their choice here.
4. Website dates have proven time and again to be incorrect. It’s great that their website exists, but if items are listed are incorrect, it almost makes the site useless.

That’s all I can think of this moment. I’m sure there will be more issues that I recall.

- James

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