Floorplan of the 2nd Floor

Similar to the 1st floor posting, please advise that I manually flipped everything so the specifics are CLOSE but not perfect. :)

Click on the pic to enlarge in the screen, then click again to make it bigger!

~ Marissa ~



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  1. little E fan says:

    Love the design of the house. You’ll love the sitting room off of the Master, it is a winner. Great place to enjoy a cuppa on the weekend mornings (if James can get up in the morning).
    Here are ideas for the future, first, make sure that you have electronic water shut-off under the washer so that if the hose or machine have a problem, then you won’t lose the first floor ceiling. I’d also suggest putting a tiny refrigerator in the laundry for those times when you want to just veg out in the mornings. A coffe maker is nice but you might need the cream and sugar

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