2 Day countdown!

May 12th, 2008

Today we did the new owner orientation. Basically, we went through the entire house, opening and closing windows, drawers and checking all appliance, as well as learning some of how things in the house work. Signed a couple of papers and wrapped it up in less than 3.5 hours. (That took longer than I thought!) Here’s a pic of the finished house:

Landscape package and all is put in. Looking good. We are due to settle on Weds.
- James

Color Confirmation Meeting Today

April 21st, 2008

We had the color confirmation meeting today with our construction supervisor. All went well. We added a 13′x16′ additional spot of blacktop for the driveway. That was an additional $600+ but we could never get it that cheap again, so…

More pics in the gallery!
- James

Things I wish had been different

April 16th, 2008

Wanted to jot down this info to save for the post-build survey.

1. The chance to upgrade to a safety window in the morning room.
2. The opportunity to get shutoff valves at the sinks in the upstairs bathroom. If a problem occurs, I have to run to the basement to shut those valves off. Water pumps out of those tubes @ 5/gal per minute.
3. The exhaust valves that are coming out of the basement are too close to the sliding door (altho they may yet fix this, I’m not keeping my hopes high). This will have to be dealt with when it’s time to install the deck. Not at all happy with their choice here.
4. Website dates have proven time and again to be incorrect. It’s great that their website exists, but if items are listed are incorrect, it almost makes the site useless.

That’s all I can think of this moment. I’m sure there will be more issues that I recall.

- James

Lots more pics posted

April 2nd, 2008

With the wedding coming, we’ve not had much time to post, but I do continue to put pictures in the photo gallery after every visit. I’ll put some more info up after we’ve had a chance to catchup with things.

Lots and lots of pics!

March 13th, 2008

It’s been pretty crazy, and I haven’t made the time to post a note, but I’ve been steadily uploading any pics I’ve taken. They are all in the gallery. The house is really looking great now. The exterior of the house is finished:

All of the cement is poured (I recently found out it takes 20-30 years for cement to fully cure!). Here’s the inside of the garage:

And the drywall is in place:

We also secured our settlement date: 5/14/08! Wow!

- James

Small Updates

February 27th, 2008

Took a spin to the house @ lunchtime today. The official calendar said that the Siding was finished yesterday. Ha! That calendar is a joke. Very little is done. I have some pics in the photo gallery. About 3/4 of the roof appears to have shingles now, so that’s good. Here’s a pic from the street looking at the back of the house.

- James

Many photos posted! We have doors and locks now. We toured the inside of the house!

February 18th, 2008

I posted over 90 new pics on Saturday. I also posted a few panoramic shots I created.

The development had a meet the neighbors pizza party Sat, and it was cool meeting the people that will be our neighbors in a few months.

We got to take a look around the inside of the house on Sat. That was pretty damn nice. It’s a little hard visualizing the finished project, cuz all we see right now is lots of wood planks. :-D

Check out the pics. I even managed to comment the first 25+. To see the comments, you  may need to click on details in the lower right of the pics.

- James

Other items

February 9th, 2008

Just reading some  older notes and realized I didn’t post some notes I’d wanted to, so here we are.

The order things worked for us:

First, we selected the model of house we wanted.

Then, we made the gallery selections.

At this point, 2 more things had to happen for further progress to occur.

1. Receive the mortgage commitment.

2. Pay 1/2 (!!!!) of the gallery options.

Once we had those 2 items, the builder created the blueprints. After they created the blueprints, they applied for the permits to start building with the township. Once the permits were approved by the township, a few more days passed, and they released the forms to the field, which meant  that  our Building Supervisor got the blueprints and they could actually start building.

The above process took much too much time, IMHO.

2nd Floor up!

February 6th, 2008

I went to check out the house at lunch today. Raining, but took some cool pics. There are 9 new pics in the gallery. Here’s a preview:

- James

1st Floor up!

February 6th, 2008

Check out the new fun pics – I went by @ Lunchtime today…. talked to one of the guys and hopefully they’d have the 2nd Floor up by the end of today, and would bring in the big crane to put the roof on top…. YAY!

View from the left (I didn’t get to walk around that much cause I didn’t wanna get in the workers way!)


View straight head-on…


View from the right side of the house….